Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School

Welcome to Year 1

Teachers: Mrs Howarth-Smith and Mrs Sanders

TA: Mrs Murray

Our aim is for the children to feel safe and happy to come to school  and to make good progress in all areas of their development. During the first half term of Y1, children will access a play based curriculum, similar to that in Foundation Stage. This is to ensure that they have a smooth transition and feel confident in their new surroundings.

More structured learning tasks will be gradually introduced as the children are ready and children will be encouraged to develop increasing independence and responsibility for their learning as the year progresses.If you have any concerns about your child's learning or wellbeing please do not hesitate to come in to discuss them with us.                                                              

 Our Autumn term topics are:

First Half term:

Witches and Wizards 

1 week mini topic - Seasons - Autumn 

Second Half Term:

1 week mini topic - Bonfire Night

Polar Regions (in second half term)



 Witches and Wizards is a Literacy and Science based topic

The topic will be based around a number of children's stories on the theme of Witches and Wizards.
During the course of this topic children will be learning our first 'core story' - Room on the Broom. A core story is a story that we want all children to become very familiar with to the point that they are able to retell the story themselves. Having a bank of stories that they know well helps children to develop an understanding of story language and story plot.
During this topic children will also be looking at, naming and describing materials before deciding which materials would be suitable for making a broom, cape or hat for the witch in Room on the Broom.
Polar Regions- Is a geography based topic.
During this topic we will name and locate the world's seven continents on maps and in atlases.
We will identify the polar regions and look at the landscape of these regions, comparing them to the UK.
In science we will look at the animals native to the poles and compare them to those in Britain.
We will also look at what happens to water in extreme cold.
Learn its
We learn lots of things in maths. A small but important part of what we learn our our 'learn its'. If we know these addition facts off by heart they will help us with lots of other things.
The learn its that we are trying to learn in Y1 are:

1+9 =10    2+8=10     3+7=10     4+6=10

4+2=6       5+2=7       6+2=8       7+2=9

8+2=10     9+2=11     4+3=7       5+3=8 

6+3=9       6+6=12     7+7=14     8+8=16


P.E days are Monday and Friday. Please make sure that your child has an indoor and outdoor P.E kit in school (including pumps). Also please ensure that earrings are removed on P.E days.
Please look out for the weekly learning letter that is sent home with more details of what we learn each week.
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