Aston Lodge Primary School

Aston Lodge Primary School

Cost of sessions

Children are eligible for 15 hours of Nursery funding during the term after their third birthday, therefore the first 15 hours of Nursery sessions cost nothing to parents.

We can then offer parents extra sessions at a cost of £8.00 per extra session (3 hours taken over a morning or an afternoon).  This will depend on what sessions are still available.

We can also offer lunchtime sessions.  This is at a cost of £2.00 for half an hour.  The children will need to bring their own packed lunch and pay £2.00 to cover supervision costs.

We ask that parents pay for the children's extra sessions a week in advance to 'secure' those extra sessions.  If payment isn't made, then we will offer the sessions to another child.  Extra sessions, especially lunchime sessions are very popular and there are limited spaces.

If parents are interested in extra sessions or lunchtime sessions, please feel free to come and ask us about them.